Strategic Planning For Those With A.D.D.


SP2 for ADD


Who has time to read an introduction, let’s just get on with it.

Silos, silos, silos . . . we teach, write and work in SILOS . . . and then wonder why we have a problem with silos . . . doh!

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Which means a lot of times we don’t know how
the decisions in area “A” affect the decisions in area “B”!
(And the rest of the decisions in all of those other areas)

Whole given the flow

Which ALSO means that we don’t really know how
all of the data fits together . . .


But fixing all of this is not that hard.

Business is like a puzzle,
and we all work on different pieces of the puzzle.


We just need to know what the puzzle-box-lid looks
like . . . and share it with others.

First step . . . realize that business is like Tai Chi . . .
it’s all about: flow, balance, energy, and focus.


Why the heck do business books leave out BALANCE?
(Because no one has ever shown how business
actually flows this way)

Here is the Puzzle-Box-Lid in words . . .


Here is the Puzzle-Box-Lid as a graphic . . .

KSM graphic.png

Here is a worksheet that
(by filling in the blanks)
lets you know what your Puzzle-Box-Lid looks like . . .
(and allows you to quickly build business cases, etc.)


By filling in the blanks, you will have completed one of the MOST solid strategic planning processes ever.

Please share with others. We need to make the world a better place more quickly!

If you need a link to the worksheet file, just let me know.


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