The CEO’s Guide to Digital Marketing (done right)


In working with a client, we needed to make a lot of digital marketing decisions.

The process however was bogged down by continually having to sort out: all of the different digital marketing pieces, and the different digital marketing players (partners).

We then needed to understand how it all best integrated with the other pieces of the business. While working to optimize the business strategy.

To make the team: happier, faster, more productive, I built the marketing guide below. The CEO’s Guide to Digital Marketing. It condenses a lot of previous business experiences, into a helpful guide. The end result of reviewing the guide with the client, was that we were able to make better decisions more quickly.

They should teach this type of integrated thinking in high schools.

So when high school students graduate, we can work on higher level issues. Instead of continually having to sort and resort the details. Allowing us all to move more quickly to superior planning and the resulting productive actions.

The images below give you a quick overview of the guide.
You can open up each image in a new browser tab, if you want to see more of the detail.

Feel free to reach out to me to discuss the details behind the guide, or to provide feedback. A superior strategy, and the resulting actions, make everything more fun!

You can reach me at Enjoy! 

What Next

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