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At the link there are articles on: business strategy mapping, how it can be used to get the most out of your people, data, resources, how it should be taught in high schools, etc.

In workshops we go through an exercise . . .
Take three groups of people. Have each of them assemble the exact same jigsaw puzzle.

  • The first group with the puzzle pieces face down
  • The second group with the puzzle pieces face up
  • The third group with the puzzle pieces face up, and with a copy of the puzzle box lid

Which group is going to be happier, faster, the most productive?
The group with the puzzle box lid!

Why does the puzzle box lid help make people happier, faster, more productive?

Because the puzzle box lid allows them to all share the same picture. The same picture of how what they are working on, fits together. When people share the same image of how it all fits together, it is much easier for them to work in unison toward a shared goal.

In some of the workshops we take 20 minutes out and build a business strategy map. To help solve some of the business challenges the participants face.  While there is more detail on how to fill this out in the book,
Business Strategy Mapping: The power of knowing how it all fit together, there is a fair amount of direction on the worksheet below.

Enough detail to quickly show how the: company, business unit, product or project you are working on, flows from potential to profitability. And the points in between.

Here is what the flow looks like:

Use this link below, for a high quality
version of the worksheet.
Here is an image of the file for quick reference:

Using this methodology, you can more quickly integrate business silos, to drive the profitable behaviors of both the customers and the employees.

Please let me know if you have any questions []. Or if you would like help running a workshop.

This should really be taught in high schools. And please share this information with others. We need to improve things more quickly. Thank you.

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