Getting The Most, Out Of Your Most Valuable Asset

Business people often say “our people are our greatest asset”. But often also don’t know how all of their people fit together. How the business flows from potential to profitability. How marketing strategies, finance strategies, operational strategies and the customer’s strategies all fit together.

If you don’t know how it all fits together, can you really know how to best leverage your greatest asset?
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Big Data, Great! Now What Do We Do With It?

Seurat painted in dots. He painted in “data points”. When you stand with your nose an inch away from Seurat’s painting, all you see is a bunch of dots. It is only when you take a step back, that you see the patterns that the dots make. A river. A women with a parasol. And for some reason, a little monkey. This is what data is. A series of dots. However if you put the dots together and take a step back, you can see the business patterns the dots make.
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